ORC Fall 2017 – Week 2- Vivid Rustic Glam Foyer


We are now in week 2 of the ORC Fall 2017 and things are moving at a turtle’s pace! Slow and steady wins the race right? This is a little too slow for me. Ha!


Hi friends! So where exactly are we in the ORC Fall 2017? Let’s take a look…

ORC fall

The Plan:

  • Add a vintage looking mirror wall
  • Create a massive contemporary work of art
  • Find a larger rug
  • Add moulding to walls to up the wow factor
  • Switch out the mirror/console for something a bit sleeker
  • Add additional gorgeous lighting
  • Add art pieces to the art niches
  • Paint
  • Add details to stair risers

ORC Fall 2017

Here’s the ORC Fall Foyer Update 


Add a vintage looking mirror wall-

I purchased the mirror tiles and options to make this a semi-permanent feature, resale is always in the back of my mind. Our weather was iffy with rain so I haven’t started the antiquing process yet but I will be sure to share the tutorial with you.


Create a massive contemporary work of art –

I purchased the drop cloth… yep a drop cloth and I will begin working on it in the next day or so. I will build a frame to stretch the drop cloth and of course, teach you how to make your own work of art!


Find a larger rug –

Ok, here is where I ran it to the first hiccup.

You the inspiration rug? Well after measuring my floor space it became very clear that a round rug would be the best option. The foyer is not a perfect rectangle so I would have to use a smaller rug in the space and it would always be a little “off”.  I was so excited to see that Wayfair had the rug I desired and I chose a 5ft. round rug. It arrived earlier this week and I absolutely love it… except for the size. The original rug for the space was a round rug but when I remeasured – the original rug is actually 2 inches larger.  

As vibrant as the new rug is, it is just too small so back to Wayfair it went. After much deliberating, I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase the 6 ft 7 in a round version. Let’s hope that this decision doesn’t hit me in the face later.

ORC fall

Add molding to walls for a “wow” factor-

A great debate is going on around here… there will be molding- mark my words. Just not really sure what the design will look like but it will be fabulous, I promise.


Switch out the mirror/console for something a bit sleeker –

The mirror is on the way! I moved the half round table to another spot and pulled down an older wood carved table I had upstairs. I think I like the style but it is time to paint! I’m thinking about doing something kinda different, sleek but different. Stay tuned!


Add additional gorgeous lighting –

Here is my next little hiccup. I adored the sconces originally chosen for this space until I started picturing the room in my head more. The idea of having the round mirror with sconces that had a round backing with a large round rug was just a bit too round. You know what I mean?  So, I changed the sconces slightly and they will now pick up the rectangle(ness) of the large art piece and bench. Oh yeah… I’m building a bench to add much-needed seating.

Instead of this:

ORC fall


I went with this:


Add art pieces to the art niches-

I think I have figured this out! I will make it first then I will share it… in case my idea is a little too far fetched.


Not quite there yet…


Add details to stair risers-

I am really excited about this idea! I will explain more as the weeks march on but I can’t wait to show you the details… once I draw it out. 🙂

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That’s it for now friends!


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