Chicken Wire Memo Boards Using Picture Frames

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Clearance frames can be your best friend for organizing your thoughts! A little chicken wire and chalk paint are the keys to this transformation!



I love a good memo board and this one is no exception. I found three picture frames in my favorite section of Hobby Lobby, the clearance aisle. Poor things, kinda belong there, and judging by their price, they have been there for a long time. So let’s get to this easy tutorial creating chicken wire memo boards using picture frames.


chicken wire memo boards


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Step 1:

Remove glass and backing from your frame if necessary, mine was open already. Paint the frame in your favorite color. My choice? Gray chalk paint to cover up the original sad red paint and black lace stencil application (yikes! pictures just do not do it justice).

chicken wire memo boards before


Step 2:

Next, measure the frame opening and carefully cut the chicken wire slightly bigger than the frame opening.

Great price, right? By the way, focus on the chicken wire being “slightly bigger” than the frame opening and NOT on where I initially stapled the wire. I will explain more of my snafu in step @.

Step 3:

Then, flip the frame so the back is facing up. Carefully bend the chicken wire even with the inside lip of the frame. Please refrain from taking the easier road and stapling the chicken wire flat across the back. I did that originally and it doesn’t allow for easy message clipping. Staple the chicken wire to the inside frame lip.

Step 4:

Now, we add lettering. This is an optional step but it does add a bit of fun and if you are doing more than one chicken wire memo boards, it creates more organizational options (labels are our friends).

I decided to break out my “now” old tech Cricut machine and make simple letter labels. These memo boards are for my daughter’s college room. I decided to label them, “To Do, “To Go”, “To Be”.

To Go – appointments, class schedules, events, To Do– house chores, homework, extra-curricular activities, To Be – goals, dreams, thoughts


Step 5:

Add the small clothespins. I decided to make the clothespins “fancy” by adding a little washi tape.

Chicken wire memo boards using picture frames


The nice thing about picture frames? The majority are already set up for easy quick hanging! I clipped a few clothespins to each frame so they are ready to hold all the valuable info for quick glances and reminders.  You could even do a frame for each day, talk about organizing your week!

Chicken wire memo boards using picture frames


‘Til Later my friends, stay organized, happy, and full of positive goals!

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