DIY Simple Lemon Boxwood Wreath

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This simple lemon boxwood wreath will keep your porch in the perfect late summer season. Only a few hours and a few supplies are needed to dress up your front door!


Hello friends, the heat is on here and this simple lemon boxwood wreath is perfect of the late summer season. I shared in my Late Summer Porch Ideas post that I am just not ready to break out the pumpkins. Now, I adore the fall season but the triple-digit heat really makes it hard to dream up ideas including sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin spiced lattes.  My answer is enjoying the “in-between” season!

Simple Lemon Boxwood Wreath



DIY Simple Lemon Boxwood Wreath

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 Roll of Ribbon – your choice

Medium-size grapevine wreath

Bunch of berries

2 multi-stems of lemon leaves

 Bag of small/medium lemons

Boxwood swag

 Glue gun

Glue sticks

 Floral cutter

Thin floral wire – cut floral wire in half before beginning


Step 1:

First, attach boxwood swag to the grapevine wreath with floral wire.


Step 2:

Then, cut lemon leaves into individual stems. Attach the lemon leaves evenly with floral wire.


Step 3:

Now, cut berry bunch into individual stems. Secure berries evenly with floral wire.



Step 4:

Time to add the ribbon. Zig Zag ribbon around the wreath, at each point of zig or zag, attach the ribbon with floral wire.


Step 5:

Layout lemons evenly. Do a “test run” to make sure you like the placement, then hot glue into place.

Step 6:

Secure a simple bow with floral wire.


Finally, hang your beautiful simple lemon boxwood wreath for all the world to see!


Stay safe in this heat my friends,

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