Late Summer Porch Ideas – Before the Pumpkins


What do you do when you are not quite ready for pumpkin season? You create “in between” decor! A few late summer porch ideas while it’s still hot outside.


Hey friends! While the rest of the internet is becoming saturated with pumpkin goodness – I just can’t get on board yet. We are under a triple-digit heat advisory here and the thought of pumpkin spiced lattes just makes me sweat. So, while we wait for the temps to cool here, I created a few late summer porch decor ideas to keep your porch pretty in this humid sweltering weather.

Late Summer Porch Ideas




The name of the game here is – Keep it simple. Seriously, just standing 10 minutes outside gives you frizzy hair, melted make-up and you just feel stinky and sticky ( I know, YUCK!). Low maintenance plants and accessories will keep you and your porch happy.

Dress up the front door –


You know that old saying, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade?  Well, I decided to make a simple wreath with my lemons and a little ribbon.

I’m thinking about adding a few additional berries in a reddish tone, what do you think?

Make this wreath in a few hours! Click here for the Instructions!

Doll up the welcome mat –

By adding a simple buffalo check outdoor rug that I purchased on sale from Hobby Lobby – I gave the porch a much brighter look. I felt this was important due to the lack of color in my flower pots that flank the door.

Doesn’t everyone need a kitty welcome party?

Change of flowers and plants-

I moved the yellow jasmine to a little sunnier spot in the auto court area. In their place, I chose two urn style planters that I had on hand and dressed them up with the extra gold painted orbs leftover from the backyard makeover.

I chose plants that do well in bright light and they are thriving. To save money I just split the plants between the pots.

I found the plants at Home Depot. The green plant is called a prayer plant and the pinky colored one is call a red wave plant.


full view late summer porch


I brought a couple of the bright pink vinca plants up from the backyard. Vinca is my new best friend in flowers, they produce gorgeous color and have handled the heat like a pro.



The seating stayed the same from the spring porch makeover. The bright green pillow and charcoal cushion transition well and saves me a bit of cash. I did add a pretty little plant in a happy pink color for fun.

Summer porch seating



I still love my fountain and stone table, so they stayed. I added a sweet “Hello” sign and a large outdoor candle. The outdoor candle is sitting on a simple metal cake stand I found at Hobby Lobby…yes, on sale.



Overall the simplified elements create a welcoming porch without requiring too much work. In this heat, to be honest, guests are ready to bolt through the door to enjoy the air conditioning versus sitting and listening to the gurgle of the fountain and I don’t blame them one bit!


Happy late summer friends,

Summer Magnolia Wreath DIY


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