Cleaning The Pantry Out – ORC Week 3

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The plans have been made and now it’s time for cleaning the pantry out. Many steps for such a tiny room!

Cleaning the pantry out! Yep- it is week 3, cue the ominous music! This post will be rather quick. Progress has been made but it is slooow. If this is your first time here – welcome!

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Before I share this week’s progress, let us take a look at the inspiration board I put together for this little project.

cleaning the pantry out ORC pantry makeover

The “boob” light-

As you will see from the picture… it is still there. BUT it has MOVED! Now it is just a place holder for my gorgeous new light… that I have to make. 😉

I finally figured out how to make the light… hopefully what is in my head will translate to reality. Let’s say it will include: 1×1’s, a particleboard craft wreath, an automotive filter, a couple of cans of spray paint, and a basic light fixture (I bet you can see it in your mind’s eye).

cleaning the pantry out ORC pantry makeover

So, what else is going on besides cleaning the pantry out?


 Under the Stairs Cave-

Is no longer dark! Take a look. My smart electrician put a sensor in so that the light only comes on IF I am in that area. Love it! Bonus- I have an outlet to boot. You can see the difference immediately and you can also see that I HAD to put a few things away for sanity’s sake.

Before the final reveal, I promise I will have everything in a more organized fashion – scouts honor.

cleaning the pantry out painting the pantry

Take a look at the BEFORE – the light source is coming from a tall work lamp, not from the boob light.

 Clean Grout –

seriously if you need your grout clean – you gotta try this. Resolve Carpet cleaner and a scrub brush. I confess, I went through the Resolve and resorted to Simple Green (follow the instructions) and it worked just as well.

After using my scrub brush I let the cleaner sit a minute or two. Then with a damp paper towel, I wiped it down. I love a clean home but am not in love with the cleaning process per se. This, this was kinda fun. Really, it was.

I CAN NOT believe I am showing you the dirty grout. Yikes- but the reality is, the pantry should have a revolving door and EVERYONE walks in with their shoes. Since it isn’t a room we are in for more than 10 minutes at a time – I don’t think about the grout. Well, until now. Can you say grout sealer?!?


Cleaning the Pantry Out –

The entire pantry contents reside on my dining room table. A lovely way to welcome guests… “Hello, welcome to our home, would you like a snack? Here, come peruse the offerings.”  IF you look closely, you will see my fall tablescape mixed in among the oatmeal and pasta.

As I was cleaning out the pantry (again) I had an epiphany. Half the items- I do not use anymore. We have always tried to eat a healthier diet as a rule but within the last 6 months we have amped it up. This change has left me within date and unopened product we no longer use. Instead of trying to find a place for everything, I am going to load up the useful items and bring them to our local shelter.


Week 4 will be a crazy busy week! Here is what I have on my list…

  • Build storage for under the permanent shelves
  • Locate the perfect rug
  • Build the perfect light
  • Install ceiling treatment
  • Create and Hang artwork
  • Drop off items to the local shelter
  • Organize and load the pantry items into their new homes (baskets, jars, etc

Until Later Friends,

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  1. Hi Joy,

    What a difference lighting makes in this space! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your light!!!!

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