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The world of spray paint just got easier! HomeRight Finish Max Super sprayer puts the ease into easy. Quick and simple is the name of the game, 30 minutes becomes 3 minutes with this nifty tool.


Hey! Let me just be upfront and say… I don’t know why I thought paint sprayers were stressful. I was excited and apprehensive to accept Home Right’s generous offer to try their new HomeRight Finish Max Super sprayer.


Homeright finish max super sprayer close up view

*HomeRight provided the Finish Max Super sprayer and the HomeRight medium spray shelter. The opinions and thoughts on these products are all my own. 

I am working on a little project – I’m giving my little (and I do mean little) mudroom area an update. It is a small area off the garage entrance that my son has taken over since the girls have gone to college. This space has to house a large backpack, current books, swim gear, and a few school supplies.

To corral all these necessities – baskets had to be the answer. To save money – the baskets I had on hand had to be the answer.

I don’t know about you but I love Ikea baskets. The ones I dug out of the closet happened to be 15 plus years old and were the baskets I used to organize diapers, undershirts, socks etc for my son. How cute is it that I get to reuse them for him again?!?

Step 1:

Set up the paint shelter.

I set the medium shelter and it was ridiculously easy. However, the shelter would be better for use in a non-wind environment. If I had room in the garage for it- that would have been ideal. During the painting process, the shelter waffled.


Step 2:

Set up the paint sprayer. This was so easy but I did get a little panicked. I was reading through the instructions so carefully because you know, I was a bit intimidated by the whole thing and the instructions said that I needed the GREEN nozzle for the project… oh no! where it the GREEN nozzle?!? I found every other color they talked about in the kit but not the GREEN nozzle. Then, I decided to take the housing apart and voila! They conveniently had the GREEN nozzle already on! WHEW!

Now, I know how silly this may sound but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking – geez I don’t want to screw this up!  If you are like me, HomeRight has made it so easy to not screw up! Thus my happiness concerning this product.

Pour the paint into the container and reattach it to the sprayer body.

Step 3:

Pull the paint sprayer trigger! Seriously, that is it!  If you have used spray paint cans – same rules apply. Light even strokes.

Clean up is a breeze- just wash and go.


Now any color your dear heart desires can be yours! You aren’t bound by what’s on the spray paint aisle! And…the painful “flat thumb” I so gently call it. You can apply stain and even chalk paint quickly and effortlessly.

I have literally stood for 15 minutes trying to paint a wicker chair with canned spray paint – the HomeRight Max Finish Super sprayer can do it in mere minutes!


It’s fun to use!

Buy your own HomeRight Finish Max Super Sprayer HERE!

And my favorite spray shelter…

If you would like to try the medium spray shelter…

Give it a try my friends!  You will be thanking me – I promise!

Till Later,

Paint Anything Anywhere with the HomeRight Large Spray Paint Shelter

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