Halloween Witch’s Hat Topiary DIY

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Witch’s Hat Topiary DIY, create a fun front porch with this idea. All you need are a few items found at your local craft store. 


This is one of those rainy Saturday projects that only take a few hours to complete. Follow these easy steps to make your own Halloween witch’s hat topiary DIY. 

Witch's hat topiary DIY with greenery and BOO letters


  • Witch’s hat
  • Wide wired ribbon
  • Large flower
  • Small flower
  • Grasses/greenery
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun

I listed a few of these items in my Amazon storefront for you here. Please note that these are affiliate links and I will make a small commission but at no cost to you. 

Step 1- Create the flower adornment

Use a piece of thin cardboard for the backing. I used the end of a ribbon spool. It was cheap, it was the right size. It was there.

hot glue grass to backside of bow for witch's hat topiary DIY

Create a bow by making a loop and securing it with hot glue. Gently pinch the middle and use a craft/floral wire to create the bow.


Hot glue grass to the backside of the cardboard backing. Glue the bow to the front of the cardboard backing.

Glue leaves to the front to fill out the flower adornment.

hot glue leaves to front of bow for witch's hat topiary DIY

Finally, glue the large flower in the middle of the bow. Add the little flower right below to the side. Like this –

close up of flower adornment for witch's hat topiary diy 

Step 2- Band the Witch’s hat

The wired ribbon will be too wide to easily wrap around. Fold the ribbon in half and hot glue – just enough to wrap around the hat.

step 2 add the banding to the witch's hat topiary DIY

Hot glue the floral adornment to the middle.


Step 3 – Add ties to secure 

Add ribbon ties, with you, guessed it… hot glue, on the hat to make it easier to secure to the topiary.

step 3 attach ties to secure witch's hat to topiary diy


Tie your cute witch’s hat to your favorite topiary.

Fall front porch with witch's hat topiary DIY

For additional fun, pick up cute letters at the craft store and paint. I painted a layer of flat black acrylic paint and then added Rub n Buff copper and gold for a little more oomph.

To add a little more creepy to the topiaries, I draped the garland I found at the craft store to the front. Kinda has that “been out in the swamp a little too long” look. 

completed witch's hat topiary DIY project

I love a Happy Halloween front porch


hey, if you are in need of a quick costume – grab the hat!



‘Till Later Friends,

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