Make This Halloween Door Swag DIY In a Day

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This Halloween door swag DIY project is perfect for the cute side of All Hallow’s Eve.  You can create this look in only a few hours.


This Halloween door sway DIY is so easy, you will have it hanging on your door by the afternoon!



Halloween Porch with door swag and witch's hat topiary





Halloween Front Door Swag

Side view of completed Halloween Door swag


  • Floral foam block for dry flowers
  • Wire cutters
  • Assorted flowers, twigs, and grasses – your choice
  • Ribbon – your choice but I chose two different patterned ribbons with the same color scheme
  • Craft/floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire coat hanger

*I found everything for this Halloween door sway DIY at the local craft store.

a few of the supplies for making halloween door swag

Step 1- Prep the Base

Take your wire coat hanger and bend it flat.

Cut off the end where the hanger curves.

Insert the modified hanger into the floral foam block.

step 1 insert modified wire coat hanger into the floral foam block


Step 2 – All about the Greenery

This is the step where the magic happens. Cut all your stem if you purchased flower/grass/sprig bushes. Determine how far you would like your swag to “stick out”, pretty certain there is a better way of saying this. I chose to cut my floral stems in 6, 8, and 10-inch lengths and my sprigs/ grasses… I cut as I went.

I don’t believe in hard fast rules except for the rule of odds and the rule of triangles.  Use an odd number of stems, so I had 3 of one type of one flower and 5 of another.  When I placed the flowers in the wreath, I tried to create loose triangles in my placement – this will help with creating a balanced look. Do your best but ultimately rely on your “eye” for what feels right.

Place sprigs at the top and bottom in a fan formation. This will give us our height. Once all the florals have been inserted, we will go back and add more sprigs/grass to fill out the front and give a more dimensional look.

Step 2 arrange the flowers

Step 2 continue adding the florals until the swag looks full


Step 3 – Add the Fluff

Create a few loopy bows to tuck into your wreath. One at the top corner and one at the bottom corner. Add a few long “tails” at the bottom. To keep the whimsical appeal – use a couple of different patterned ribbons. If you need help on making a bow- I have a super simple way (just click here) to get you comfortable in making them. I keep saying that I need to do a post just on the different ways of creating a bow.  Maybe this is the year!

Step 3 add fun ribbon!

adding more ribbon to the halloween door swag

Step 4- Display

Time to display your beautiful Halloween door swag! This wreath can be used on the porch or in your favorite room. You can even add a few crows or spiders or sugar skulls – whatever makes you happy and makes this uniquely yours.

final step display your wreath


If you like my cute little pumpkins – here’s the tutorial! 

And.. if you are looking for a cute centerpiece to coordinate with you new Halloween door swag, click here!

Till Later My friends!



           Halloween Floral Door Swag DIY

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