Morning Room & Kitchen Update ORC Wk4

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Halfway to the reveal! I’ve got a morning room & kitchen update for you on this week 4 of the One Room Challenge!

We are running at a snail’s pace here but we are running on this week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Hard to believe that we are at the halfway point, but we are. This past week was a little slower but improvements were made. Let’s talk about the morning room & kitchen update. 

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Our Big “To DO” List:

Morning Room side

  • Install cabinets
  • Install floating shelves
  • Add “brass” details to floating shelves
  • Add cabinetry hardware 
  • New light fixture ✅
  • Add curtains/curtain rod
  • New rug ✅
  • Restore artwork
  • Replace current dining chairs ✅
  • Move electrical outlets ✅

Kitchen side

  • New pendant lights ✅
  • Install matte black faucet
  • Add details to vent hood
  • Add cabinetry hardware
  • New barstools ✅
  • Extend cabinets to the ceiling
  • Build a frame for new artwork above the stove area

From the actual list – I only have one new checkmark.

But several things are in process. Like;


The pendant lights are up and they look so so good! They are a cross between my decade crush, Art Deco and something Captain Nemo (20,000 leagues) would approve of!

The Fabric

My saga is over. I made a decision. I will start sewing this week. 

It was a toss-up between C and D but, I ultimately chose… C! I put the samples up on the morning room walls just to get a feel for the fabrics. Then I folded them to mimic pleats and that gave me a better picture. 

C also looked really good with the flat weave rug. 

and you know what else? C looks really good with my new addition. Ready for what I’m adding?

A lemon tree! Everyone needs a Meyer lemon tree in their morning room, right? The light is so good in this space – I thought, why not? I’m so stinking excited about this!

Artwork –

We are still cleaning the vintage oil paintings – slow and steady. The new little piece of art is here and I think it’s going to be quite pretty in its new home… above the stove. Yep, above the stove but removed before cooking. 

Morning Room & Kitchen Update painting for above the stove

This week I am hoping that we can get all the cabinetry installed and the hardware. Floating shelves with brass accents and fingers crossed I am able to get the curtains sewn. Looking for super progress and major checking off the list action this week!

So much to do and the clock is ticking! See where the featured designers are at this point and how far along the guest participants have gotten!

Keep creating “home” friends!

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