Compass Metal Ceiling Medallion DIY

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Looking for a unique ceiling medallion that is affordable & simple to create? Look no further, I will show you how to use wall art to ceiling art with this compass metal ceiling medallion DIY.



It all started with a walk down the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. As I scanned the aisle my eye fell on a piece of wall art, an iron compass. My mind started reeling with ideas of what I could do with this find. I decided to turn it into a ceiling medallion for the Captain Nemo study. Here’s how you can recreate this compass metal ceiling medallion.

We went from this unassuming piece of wall art…



to this fabulous and unique metal ceiling medallion!



Isn’t it amazing! What’s even more fun – this project became a family affair. My folks were visiting and doing projects just comes naturally. 😉


  • Iron piece
  • Hooks
  • Dremmel with sander attachment or a file
  • Drill bit the size of fan downrod
  • Paint

I found the compass wall art at my local craft store



Step One:

Uninstall your ceiling fan or light fixture. Since we had a fan – we then measured the fan’s downrod. This determined the drill bit size we needed,

Step Two:

Carefully drill out the center of your iron piece. Take your time and make sure your batteries are fully charged… ahem.

ceilingmedallionaspiringhome7  compass metal ceiling medallion diy

Ah, yes that is our watch cat… Sugars. She  kept a watchful eye on the project while we waited for the drill battery to charge. HA HA!


Step Three:

Clean up the burrs with a hand file or a Dremel attachment. (My poor tomato plant in the background… the heat was just too much for it.  ðŸ™  )



compass metal ceiling medallion diy


Step Four:

Paint – of course, this is optional. I wanted the “medallion” to match the metallic color of the “riveted” wall treatment. I painted the little hooks the same metallic color in hopes that they would “just go away” once installed.

compass metal ceiling medallion diy


Step Five:

Time to hang! Slide the medallion over the down rod before securing all the electrical finery.

compass metal ceiling medallion diy

Step Six:

Mark the spots for your little ol’ hooks and install. Slide the medallion on the hooks and voila! Awesome ceiling jewelry!

compass metal ceiling medallion diy




compass metal ceiling medallion DIY

You never know what inspiration is awaiting you on the clearance aisle! Pin it below!

‘Til Later,




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  1. Would love to see the medallion on a ceiling without the fan. It’s a remarkable piece. It could rule a ceiling all by itself.

  2. Awesome ceiling bling. Oh and btw I found out with tomatoes that when it’s super hot like it was this year if you put tons of mulch around the base it helps the roots to stay cool and the poor plant won’t fry. The mulch also keeps bugs off the plant and holds the moisture in when you water it! I’m a mulching queen now! I mulch everything. 🙂

  3. This is beautiful it adds character to your ceiling.great job.Does it reflect on the ceiling at night?

  4. What a smart idea! If you had bought that in a ceiling fan or lighting place it would have cost a fortune. I admire people who see things outside of the way they were intended.

    Happy Thoughts of Home, Joy. 🙂

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