One Room Challenge -Week 3 – Under Construction, Sort Of

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It is the One Room Challenge week 3! I have to be super honest, if you to take a peak at my challenge space, you may not see a whole lot going on…


one room challenge week 3 aspiring homeThe One Room Challenge Week 3 has proven to be a tough one. Outdoor spaces in general tend to need more flexibility in time constraints due to forces outside of control. Man, I wish I could control some of them… I bet you do too, especially during wedding season, graduations, parties, etc.

The rain has been hit and miss. I had to take a super quick trip up to college to drop off the middle daughter’s formal that had to be hemmed. The list goes on and on.

Good stuff has been happening though. The great people at my local Sherwin Williams came out to look at the space and help me determine a better plan of action concerning the stained concrete. Very excited by the way to partner with them on this project. I am looking forward to sharing all the details with you.

I have ordered the shutters, hardware, and patio string lights.


Paintable Shutters
Garage Door Hardware


Shutter tiebacks


Patio String Lights

Exterior doors are being painted and the movie screen is being created. I can’t wait to share the movie screen with you! You will be making your own in no time! Pinky promise.

This weekend looks promising so… the ceiling will get painted and the stain color I chose to use on the fence will go up as well.

Short and sweet for this post – check back next week for more progress!  Follow along on Instagram for more ” up to the minute ” progress photos.  Click here to follow along!

Catch up with the featured One Room Challenge Participants and the Guest Participants.  *Click the pics below.

ORC+Spring+2017+(1)  ORC+Guest+Participants+Graphic

And…catch up with my One Room Challenge Project below!

Outdoor Room Week 1

Outdoor Room Week 2


Till Later Friends,


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  1. Joy, that blue is heavenly! I am so intrigued by your room challenge! I really can’t wait to see it…c’mon girl…get busy!!! ?

    Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you and you can get a good bit knocked out. But…truthfully, it does seem that the beginning of the challenge is always filled with waiting and planning. It’ll come together, I just know it.

    Hugs, Lynn

  2. The movie screen will be so much fun! It’s been raining here for 4 days now off and on and I have garden projects that can’t be done. So I get that weather is an extra challenge in a six week makeover.

  3. Joy, I’m getting excited to see the reveal. I just know it’s going to look awesome with that blue paint, shutters and hardware!

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