Kitchen Garden & Outdoor Room Update

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The Kitchen garden and outdoor room details are finally coming to life! Now, if we the rain will hold off for a bit – we may just finish this challenge after all!


Hey Friends! It’s week 4 and we have had good weather! Hooray! A lot has been going on here with the kitchen garden and outdoor room details and we are making up for rainy weather. Let’s get started on what has been accomplished and what still needs to take place.

If you are new around here, WELCOME!! Glad you stopped by! I have joined up with over 200 bloggers/designers to participate in the phenom called  The One Room Challenge!

outdoor room details week4 aspiring home

Where are we in our week 4 kitchen garden & outdoor room update?


The Shutters:

Oh, the awesome architectural detail that will give me a certain je ne sais quoi – well it’s late coming in. They were supposed to arrive early this week but I have been told they will make their way to me on Monday. Here’s hoping!

The hardware arrived! Except guess who forgot to order hinges? Yep, this girl. The “S” hook tie backs are heavy-duty and perfect…if I had hinges or shutters.


The Ceiling:

The ceiling color is divine. I am so enamored, it’s a color that you could lay on a hammock and just stare at it. Hey! There’s an idea! The Aquaverde color will be gracing the back porch later in the month.

outdoorchallengeweek4aspiringhome6                        outdoorchallengeweek4aspiringhome5

The Doors:

The Wrought Iron color really elevated the secondary doors. I have my husband laugh when I decided to put brushed nickel kick plates on the metal doors. Yeah, I know. 🙂

kitchen garden and outdoor room details update


The garage door hardware arrived and it could not be more perfect. No nails, no holes, no commitment!

kitchen garden and outdoor room update

The Floor:

This is happening as I type! My dear hubby has been pitching in per the norm (he is such a great guy!) and applying the base color of Pearl Grey. The second color in my diamond pattern will happen early next week. We have something going on everyday so our dear neighbors may see us burning the midnight oil for a few nights.

prepping concrete for kitchen garden containers                   kitchen garden container concrete floor painting

The Lighting:

The cute patio lights are in! We will string cables in week 5.

The Fence:

Our fence is now stained in an HOA approved color and I have to say… I’m digging it. We had a few colors to choose from and I finally settled on BEHR semi-transparent stain in Chestnut. I think it will blend nicely in the color scheme.


before kitchen garden containers

Kitchen Garden –

The Containers:

The horse troughs are getting a healthy dose of copper and I will patina the copper. I could have gone a hundred different directions but chose to take a simpler route that will pull the gorgeous blue-greens from the car port area into the courtyard.

I still have the herb garden area to build but I think it will be a simple build (hopefully).

horse trough container garden

The Plantings:

This will be one of the last steps in our update.

The Movie Theater:

We purchased a refurbished projector and a DVD player that will pick up Netflix. We tried it out and I was grinning ear to ear! We projected it straight onto the garage wall and measured the image just to make sure we had the size right… it was! I am still working on the screen but it will be ready soon!


The Accessories:

Still working on gathering items to create a “found” look. I have a statue that I love in the backyard that will make its way to the area. I also have a sweet, cobalt blue tulip pot that I am toying with turning into a fountain.


There you have it- The kitchen garden & outdoor room details for week 4. We’ve come along way but still, have far to go.  Guess what?!? We are breaking in the new space next Friday – finished or not! I have a dear friend coming into town and we are going to have a girls’ night in with sweet friends.

Have a fantastic weekend! Before you leave – check out Week 4 of the Featured Designers and the Guest participants.  Week 4 is a tough one – click the pics and see what I mean.

ORC+Spring+2017+(1)       ORC+Guest+Participants+Graphic


Til Later Friends,



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  1. Everything’s looking great so far! I would love to know more about that copper technique! It’s so pretty!

  2. I love outdoor makeovers. The garage hardware looks great! And I am always a huge fan of black doors (and trim, and anything!) with red brick! It’s just such a lovely combo.

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