Make This Wreath Sash From Painter’s Canvas Drop Cloth


Here’s a fun idea that uses leftover painter’s canvas drop cloth material. Make this wreath sash easily by following these steps.

I’m back with another easy project made out of painter’s drop cloth material! This time it’s for the front door. I put my own spin on the growing in popularity, monogrammed wreath sash. Who doesn’t need a wreath sash from drop cloth?

I am such a fan of this modest material, I keep finding so many ways to make more than just a protective barrier during the painting process. Find my favorite painter’s drop cloth material from Harbor Freight.

Boxwood square wreath with wreath sash from drop cloth

Painter’s drop cloth material is such a versatile tool in creating projects for the home including this monogrammed wreath sash DIY. Ready to make your own? Let’s get started!

Monogrammed wreath sash from drop cloth tutorial:

Supplies –

  • Drop cloth
  • Sewing Machine & thread
  • Embroidery thread & needle
  • Trim (optional)
  • Mat and rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure ( I used a quilter’s ruler)

Step 1 :Cut

Begin this project by cutting out the sash pattern. I used a 6 inch wide quilter’s ruler to make this as easy as possible. 6 inch width allows me a 1/2 inch seam.

Using a rotary cutter I quickly cut two pieces of fabric 6 in x 60 in.

Step 2: Embroider

Step two is a little lengthy. This addition to your wreath sash can be done one of two ways. 1) with an embroidery machine or 2) by hand.

I chose to do this one by hand, I love the look and feel of hand-embroidery and it’s making a real comeback on the gram and youtube.

Begin by finding a monogram that you like and can be easily transferable as a template.

Next,I made it my own by incorporating different stitches.

Shade the back of your print with a no. 2 pencil
Pin the print to sash
Trace the monogram with a pencil
Lightly trace with a pencil if needed
Use a stem or back stitch
Fill in with a satin stitch
Use a stem stitch to outline
Completed ring
Continue stem stem stitch for vines and daisy stitch for leaves
Add flowers with daisy, french knot, and clover leaf stitches
For more variation, try a cabbage rose stitch
Create details by adding simple stitches in another color

Step 3: Sew

With our monogram completed, it’s time to add a few more details and sew the front and back of the wreath sash together. Once sewn together, iron sash carefully.

Avoid the embroidered area.

I doubled the trim to make it “fluffier”
Pin and sew pieces together
Sewing wreath sash pattern project by the aspiring home interiors
Iron and sew to create a flat seam

Step 4: Attach

All that’s left now it to tie your beautiful wreath sash to your wreath! Next, I added mine to my DIY square boxwood wreath that I made earlier.

I love this simple idea, can you imagine all the fun sashes you could make? Everything from the most sophisticated year-round version to having one for every month of the year!

The possibilities are endless, why stop at plain fabric? Why not create patterned versions?

If you are new to hand embroidery, check out this embroidery youtube channel I found. I learned the clover flower stitch from here. She is very good at teaching basics and more complicated stitches.

Wreath sash pattern completed the aspiring home interiors

Please, join me next time when I share the entire late summer porch makeover! The temps are brutal here and I have great ideas that will help you keep your porch looking visitor friendly!

Feel free to visit my Amazon Storefront if you would like to purchase any of the supplies. *These will be affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Keep creating home my friends!

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