DIY Monogram Tray – The Handmade Gift

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This DIY monogram tray makes such a lovely gift for friends and family. Christmas will be more special because it is from the heart & hand.

  Hello sweet friends, I have a wonderful little project for you. This DIY monogram tray is a day project that will create a beautiful memory for your friends and family. 


Ready to get started on making this beautiful handmade DIY monogram tray? Let’s GO!

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Step 1: Create the Monogram

I found a great website that allows you to create a monogram and download it for free. 


Download and print the logo. I printed mine on the 8×10 printer paper. Next, we are going “old school” and shading in the monogram with the side of a pencil.  Once the back is covered, we will trace the monogram onto the tray bottom. 


Step 2: Paint the tray

Apply a couple of coats of paint. Allow the tray to dry in between coats. 

I mixed “Shamrock” color acrylic and glossy black to achieve this color.


Step 3: Trace the Monogram

Position your monogram in the center of the tray bottom. Secure with painter’s tape. Trace the monogram onto the tray bottom. Gently lift a corner of the paper to make sure the monogram is transferring. Remove the paper and use a pencil to trace lines if needed, 

Step 4: Gold leaf the Monogram

With a fine tip brush, fill in the traced-out monogram with gold leaf paint. Allow the gold leaf paint to dry completely.


Step 4: Protect your project

Use a non-yellowing polyurethane to protect your beautiful project. I chose a spray formula. Apply 2 coats. 




Now it’s time to share your gift. I would keep it simple with a pretty bow and gift tag. 

Keep Creating my friends!

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