Cute Plaid Reindeer Tote Bag DIY!

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Quickly make this cute plaid reindeer tote bag DIY to haul your treasures! This season is the perfect time to start using reuseable totes more often if you don’t already.

We are in serious countdown to Christmas mode! I don’t know about you but I am running around a little more than I would have liked. I mean my intentions were good, I wanted to have everything ready, wrapped and delivered but life got in the way. However,during my running around I have grown to love carrying a totbag to corral my tokens of love (family gifts). I have been so pleased with the burlap totebags from that I decided to embellish one just for the season!  Let’s get started on this cute plaid reindeer tote bag DIY.

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Supplies needed to make a Reindeer Tote Bag DIY:

Step 1: Cut out the Reindeer silhoutte

I included a stencil version in the supply list, if you would rather go that way. I found a copy right free silhoutte online and printed it on cardstock.

Step 2: Iron On Fusible Webbing

Measure your Reindeer and cut a piece of Iron on fusible webbing slightly bigger. Follow the instructions provided with your webbing or interfacing,

Step 3: Trace the Reindeer silhoutte

I would suggest a fine tip sharpie for the tracing- I used what I had on hand and it worked fine, it’s a little rough but NOONE will know. Well, except for you.

Step 4: Cut and Glue

Carefully cut out the reindeer. IF you would like to add a finished edge using a sewing machine- cut the reindeer a tad bigger to allow for edging. Crank your zigzag stitch down to 0 and follow the outline of the reindeer. I chose to leave the edges kinda frayed – for a more rustic look.  Allow to dry overnight.

Step 5: Put it to good use!

Once the reindeer is dried – fill it up! Enjoy it or give it as a gift.

Join me in the new year – I will have a few different ideas using this same basic jute large tote bag along with a couple of beautiful burlap table runner ideas perfect for gatherings! Many thanks to for reaching out to me this season.

Need another neat idea perfect for gift giving? How about making a monogram tray?

Till Later My Dear Friends!

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