5 Easy Steps To Making A TUTU

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Over the next few days here on the Aspiring Home we are sewing up a storm – today “How to make   an adorable TUTU”.

There are a ton of tutorials out there on making this little bit of cuteness and I figured I will add one more. 😉

Now, usually you get the hankering to make tu tu’s when you have sweet little ones or grandones. I however… was asked by my teenage daughter to make one.

So without further ado….


Step 1 –

  • Elastic ribbon
  • Your favorite color of tulle- measure your waist and add one and a half times to your waist measurement at least. The more tulle- the poofier (is that even a word?!?) With this tutu I also double layered the tulle for thickness.
  • Thread – match the color of your tulle
  • Sewing machine – optional (I highly suggest it if you are like me and do not have the patience  or the time to hand sew (due to your daughter needing the tutu the very next day and it is 8pm.)
  • Woven ribbon to create ties

Step 2 –

How to make a TuTu -www.theaspiringhome.com

With your sewing machine or by hand- create a gathering  or running stitch. Make sure you leave a  long tail of thread and make sure you knot the opposite end… or you will pull the thread completely out of the project or like me pull just enough that the stitch is worthless and you have to start over anyway.  Pull the tread to create a gathering or ruffle effect in the tulle. Gather tulle until it reaches the measurement of your waist.

Step 3-

How to make a TuTu skirt- www.theaspiringhome.com

Grab the elastic ribbon and cut a piece the size of your waist measurement. Pin elastic ribbon to your gathered tulle. Sew.

Step 4-

How to make a TuTu- www.theaspiringhome.com

Woven ribbon time – put another gathering or running stitch in one end of the woven ribbon. Attach one length of ribbon to each side of tutu.

5 easy steps to making a tutu- www.theaspiringhome.com

You may ask… “How long should I cut the woven ribbon?” I would say. “You are the master of the ribbon- cut it as long as you wish or according to how big of a bow and how long you want the tails of the bow”.  In this tututorial (couldn’t resist) I measured 24 inch lengths.

Step 5-

How to make a tutu-www.theaspiringhome.com

Show off your new TuTu! Twirl around and enjoy the poofiness (another new word,ha!) or you can give it to your daughter. 😉

If you would like to continue sewing cute things, how about checking out this easy clutch idea here!

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5 easy steps to make a tutu - www.theaspiringhome.com

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