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We are in full summer mode here and that means spending time outside! Our furniture is a little hodge podge (sale, clearance, end of season- yeah that’s me). Updating outdoor furniture is easy with spray paint.


Hello Friends! Time to think about summer fun and staycations! I don’t know about you but my outdoor furniture looks rough even after the mildest of winters. Updating outdoor furniture can be quick and fairly painless with a few tried and true supplies.



This year we purchased two umbrellas from Costco – love them. As gorgeous as they were we had a problem… all that newness REALLY made my old umbrellas look incredibly sad. Overall the old umbrellas still had a season or two left in them. So…. what is a girl to do? She grabs her trusty can of spray paint!

You would almost think this umbrella was just beige...would you believe it was once navy blue?
You would almost think this umbrella was just beige…would you believe it was once navy blue?


See...I kid you not. The Texas sun is harsh!
See…I kid you not. The Texas sun is harsh!


Needs one more coat but it's soo much better!
Needs one more coat but it’s soo much better!


Here is a great mirror I found at Home Goods in the clearance aisle that I thought would be a great option for outdoors.  This summer I wanted a brighter gold finish and thanks to metallic paint- I got it!  * I learned that the gold metallic fades outside so be sure to spray a non yellowing poly.


I seriously started gigling as I painted…not from the fumes, ha! Elated over this golden goodness my friends!



These chairs received a facelift last year… thinking about adding a little gold accent to them.

Amazing what a little paint will do!
Amazing what a little paint will do!


Outdoor Cushions

And finally…. our little sectional needed freshening up badly. I used a hammered finish on the frame and used fabric spray paint for the cushions. HUGE change for little coinage. I did this project last season in hopes of getting two more years out of the cushions ($60 plus dollars a pop for each cushion is a no-go right now). So far they are holding up pretty well.

How fantastic did this turn out? Super easy and instant update! We love that!
The Before- faded hot mess…



fabric spray paint
This little product saved me major bucks! Definitely will use it again.

A plus to having getting to repaint and repurpose – NO FEAR. You can be as daring and bold as you want – if ya don’t like it…. paint it again!

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