Repurpose Ladder Hooks – A 30 Minute DIY!

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Organization options can come from the oddest places, like old ladder hooks destined for the trash can be repurposed into a home for a favorite pastime.  By repurposing ladder hooks, not only was   major cash saved but we kept them out of the landfill. The whole project cost? $0!


This little project came about this past weekend. What is a benefit to having to pull everything out of each bedroom to replace the carpet, you might ask? Lots of clutter is dealt with, areas that no one wanted to acknowledge are dusted and a surfboard finds a home.


repurpose ladder hooks The Aspiring Home


My oldest loves to surf and a few years ago wanted a surf board to call her own. She called us while away at college with an incredible opportunity. The local surf shop was having a sale and the owner was going to give her a fantastic deal on a intro – style surfboard. It really was a good deal but you know what was better? Having to tell her to figure out how to buy it. Our conversation went something like this:

Daughter: “Mom, guess what?!? I am so excited! The surf shop is having a HUGE sale and there is this board that would be perfect for me. This price may not happen again….

Me: crickets … “How much money do you have?

Daughter: “Well, um, not enough…”

Me: “How bad do you want this board?”

Daughter: ” I really would like it and I would use it a lot!”

Me: “Well, If I were you, I would ask the gentleman to put it on lay a way.”

Daughter: “Huh? What’s lay a way?

ME: “It’s this great opportunity to find something you like and have the store hold it for you. You put down a certain amount and then make payments on the item until you pay it off. We used to do it all the time. It’s great!”

Daughter: “Mom, people don’t do stuff like that anymore.”

Me: ” If you want the board, ask the gentleman if he does lay a way… humor me”.

Daughter: “Fine, I will ask.” long pause “Hey! Guess what! He says that they do have a lay a way plan!”

Me: ” Hmm, well it looks like you have your answer. Put money down on it and as you can – pay it off. ”

And she did save money and she did pay it off.  🙂

So, at the end of her last semester the surf board made it home to Texas.  She also transferred schools and the surf board needed a semi-permanent  home until summer.

Here was our solution… Old ladder hooks! These hooks held the big ladders in the small one car garage which now a home gym (I know – I need to show you!). The hooks were worn out and purely utilitarian. Nothing a ton of hot glue and sisal rope can’t fix!

Check out the tutorial:

Supplies –

  • 2 ladder hooks – can be found at home improvement store or in your pack rat style garage (yikes!)
  • 1 package of sisal rope
  • 1 glue gun
  • 1 package of low temp glue ( your fingers will thank you)
  • Patience…loads of patience


Step 1:

Begin wrapping rope around the ladder hooks. Be careful to leave enough area exposed for installation. The process is a bit slow but try to pull the sisal slightly taught and hold until the glue dries.

Press rope down and against the previous loop of rope this will create less gaps.

As I came close to the end – I cut the rope and “fanned” out the fibers a bit. I then glued the “fringed” end on top of the hook. No unraveling here!

Supplies Needed for Repurposing Ladder Hooks                                        Ladder Hook repurpose in process

Last Step in Repurpose Ladder Hook Project


Step 2:

Determine where your hooks should be placed in the wall. We chose over a doorway which is fabulous… hooks went straight into wood. If you are going into pure sheet rock, please take precaution and install molly anchors for security.  Hang your board!


Surf board hanging on Repurposed ladder hooks


Side profile of repurposing ladder hooks project in action


 Repurposed Ladder hooks from underneath view



Super simple. Super fast. Super wall art (when not in use).

Till Later,

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