Half Bath Makeover Update ORC Week 3

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The One Room Challenge midpoint. The half bath makeover update is now up. We have made progress, my friends! 


Hey there! How are you? We have been busy here. If this is your first time visiting the blog – welcome! This is week 3 of The One Room Challenge. The One Room Challenge is a six-week challenge where 20 featured bloggers/designers and 200 plus linking participants take on a room of their choice and create a beautiful fresh look. My chosen room is actually two. I chose my powder rooms or half baths if you will.  

Now, let’s see where we are at this half bath makeover update


half bath makeover update


We have color friends! Beautiful color!  

Wanderlust by Behr is just gorgeous! We are painting baseboards in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. The vanity light comes in tomorrow – I had to change the design slightly to save some cash and go with this beauty.


half bath makeover update 2-light-vanity-light-p1842-077

Not a bad compromise, right?!? While looking for this replacement light I found this little lovely rug…

half bath makeover update colorful rug


What I am working on right now-

  • Deciding on the vanity mirror
  • Creating a gallery wall
  • Focal points – wallpaper? Stencils? Shelving? Chia Pets? (I am kidding, or am I?!?)

Ready to see the upstairs half bath makeover update?

half bath makeover update


So we have spent a lot of time downstairs but the upstairs will get a lot of love this week.

The gorgeous brass vanity light has arrived!

vanity light half bath makeover update


I couldn’t make my mind up on rugs so I grabbed two. Waffling between the two – what are your thoughts?

91oqfdxgivl-_sl1500_       919yev6wnhl-_sl1500_


Finally, we have started scraping the fleur-de-lis via sparkle off the walls, which turned out to be pretty easy, just time-consuming. Hardware and vanity will be painted this week and wall color will go up…


That’s all for now- short and sweet. If you wanna catch up: Week 1 // Week 2  and I know you want to see the awesome progress of the One Room Challenge featured bloggers/designers and the linking participants!

newfall2016orc                  orc-guest-participant-black-400x400



‘Til Later,






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  1. Oh I cannot wait to see this all coming together! That rug for the downstairs bathroom is so fun and colorful, and I can’t help you chose the one for the upstairs…they are both great. Which one did you chose? I can tell you are having a ball doing these bathrooms.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have to show this week!

    Hugs, Lynn

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