Spring Inspiration! Wreath Hanger and Wreath DIY

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Create an easy simple geode wreath hanger and wreath for springtime. You will also find tons of inspiration from several bloggers on this blog hop.


Hello Friends!

Long time no see. I ended up taking an unexpected break from the blog. Life throws curve balls, sometimes you can hit them and sometimes it becomes a game of dodgeball.

Any who, Happy to be back with you! Happy that my favorite season is upon us, Spring! I’m collaborating  today with my sweet friends to bring you Spring Inspiration.

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I have an interesting set up in our kitchen. Above my stove is a large window –  perfect opportunity to hang a wreath. I found a cute little faux boxwood wreath but it was a bit too small and it just didn’t sit well on the command hook I already had up there from hanging the Christmas wreath.


It is hard to see in this photo but trust me, it looked terrible.



Simple Spring Wreath

I took the small boxwood wreath and added a few spring sprigs to it.

springwreathdiy3  springwreathdiy4  springwreathdiy7

Adding the extra sprigs really amped up the “Spring”ness. 🙂

Geode Wreath Holder

Now, about the wreath hook… I wanted something more interesting. So, I had an idea. How about something just as pretty as the wreath and didn’t look like the everyday hook? Inspiration struck when I found this cabinet knob.


Add a simple gold edge and voila! Fancy geode knob.


Now to create a wreath hanger out of my fancy gold geode knob. I grabbed a package of small wood plaques from the craft store and created a “stain” look using good ol’ craft paint


I mixed equal parts of “Honeycomb” and “Raw Sienna” then I added a bit of water.


I liberally brushed on the paint mixture and immediately wiped it off.

wreathhangerdiy3  wreathhangerdiy2  wreathhangerdiy6

Not to bad… now to age it a bit I took medium gray and added water to create a wash.

wreathhangerdiy8                        wreathhangerdiy10

I let the wash sit for about a minute and then wiped it off. It left a great patina. I drilled a simple hole in the center of the plaque. Counter sinking will help keep the surface flat for the command strips.  Use a hex nut on the front and back to sandwich the knob against the plaque and keep it from moving.  Add command strips and then hang a pretty wreath!

Geode wreath hanger DIY19


I found these sweet little bunnies at the craft store and white washed them.springdecordiy

Happy Spring, y’all! Be sure to check out more inspiration from my friends.

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By the way, The ever popular One Room Challenge is right around the corner and guess which room I am tackling on April 5th? Yep the one right outside! I can’t wait to show you my ideas.

Before you go, check out how I turned ordinary farm animal cabinet knobs into gilded fun wall hooks!

Till Later,


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  1. Hi Joy,

    What a great way to change up the traditional hooks. I love the wood and geode combination. Looks darling and certainly makes a pretty statement in your window! Happy spring my friend!

  2. Joy…what a BRILLIANT idea! It’s one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ ideas and has so many uses. Just fair warning, I will be ‘copying’ this brilliance in my home. But, don’t you know…imitation is the best form of flattery?

    Thanks and can’t wait to see your ORC ideas.

    Hugs, Lynn

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