DIY Dr. Strange Costume Cloak

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It’s part 2 of this easy-sew project, today it’s all about the DIY Dr. Strange costume cloak. Every hero needs a cape, our Dr. will need his cloak!

Here we go, the DIY Dr. Strange costume cloak! I am back with part 2 in this 3 part series. I thought it would be easier to split it up a bit. We are all about the cloak today, the Cloak of Levitation to be exact. 

DIY Dr. Strange Costume Cloak

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So, our cloak can be made practically out of any fabric – even an old tablecloth!

 Yep, just like the tunic was made out of a twin bedsheet – the cloak was fashioned from a worn tablecloth. 

supplies for cloak DIY Dr. Strange Costume Cloak

To get the collar to stand up? I used pipe cleaners or chenille stems. 

The body of the cloak –

For the body of the cloak, I took a neck measurement but went from the shoulder bone area instead of the traditional neck measurement- which was 18 inches for my son. I then tripled that number. Then, I cut the tablecloth width to match the doubled shoulder measurement. 

For the length of the cloak – I just went with the tunic length. 

Once the body of the cloak has been cut out, run a gathering stitch or a wider length stitch length then pull threads to gather. 

The collar of the cloak –

This is where I felt quite brilliant! HAHA! I measured out a rectangle from the tablecloth leftovers. Going back to my movie picture of Dr. Strange – I did not want to do an exaggerated collar.  I decided a 6-inch wide collar would look best. Now here comes the part that makes this work. 

DIY Dr. Strange Costume Cloak collar

Cut a rectangle double the width you desire. So, I cut a rectangle that was 12 in x18 in. 

Sew the collar to the cloak body.

All that’s left is to attach it. I used safety pins underneath his shirt so it looked like it was a part of the costume. However, an easy add-on would be this frog closure.

Next up is part 3  and it’s all about the accessories! 

Til Later Friends,

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