Memorial Day and Remembering the Price of Freedom

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This day is set aside to remember those who gave their lives in battle so that we may be free. Their sacrifice is remembered on this and every Memorial Day.

Memorial Day goes beyond the excitement of a day off of work or the annual BBQ. It’s wonderful to spend time with family and friends, but let us not forget the men and women who gave all so that we may have the choice to live our best lives. Let us remember.

Remembering Memorial Day

Freedom is not free.

Freedom is not cheap.

Freedom comes at a high cost, a cost that lives on into the eternal.

Freedom is built on the backs of the selfless. Those who see the forest for the trees.

Freedom comes by the hand of the brave and bold. Those who face fear by charging forth and giving all.

We remember YOU, our brave men and women who gave their last breath to secure the freedom of the future.

We remember YOU, our sons and daughters, the flesh of our flesh.

YOUR SACRIFICE makes us BRAVE. YOUR SELFLESS LOVE for this COUNTRY and YOUR PEOPLE makes us stand in the face of evil and fight against oppression and tyranny.

YOU gave us YOUR life to help secure our FREEDOM and WE WILL NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY.


This picture always gets me.

My oldest daughter took it for a school project although she could have chosen any subject, she chose to honor our military. This picture is of our son, dressed in his Great grandfather’s World War I jacket.

She wanted to show that as brave as the men were… they were boys. They were someone’s baby. I can’t imagine the strength that it must have taken to leave and fight on behalf of our Country and on behalf of their families and not allow evil to prosper must have been great.

When the mommas received the news… that their baby wasn’t coming home… it chokes me up. Oh, the incredible sacrifice made.

They were just boys world war 1 brave men memorial day

As we go about our day, let us pause and remember those who died in wars to turn the tide of evil.

Many battles were fought both great and small, each one truly made the difference in our being able to grill hamburgers and play in the sprinklers.

We have the opportunity to jump in our cars and run out to buy the great items on sale and we have the chance to put our arms around our loved ones and breathe freely. We can speak our minds and share our opinions without fear of persecution.

I am one of the fortunate, our family can trace our involvement all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Every war we have family who have survived and those who did not.  The mission was the same… freedom at any and all costs.

How do we honor these men and women who gave all? We continue to be brave.

Webster’s definition is this: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty: having or showing courage

Never let evil win… never let oppression overcome. Be brave!

We must stand and be counted, my friends.

In other words, it may cost us our lives but it will secure our children’s children’s future.

I thank God for my family and the countless that fought on my behalf. They saw the future with evil at large and they understood what had to be done.

May we always bring these souls honor by our own actions.

Enjoy this beautiful holiday courtesy of our precious brave who have fallen in battle.

Much love to you my friends. Happy Memorial Day. God Bless America!

Till Later,

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