Love and the Shoestring Budget – Mother’s Day!

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Love and the shoestring budget go hand in hand. What better example is  it seen but in a mother’s creative answer to a daughter’s request? Read on…

It was supper time and our family gathered around the table.  School had just started and we were all excited to share our days. I piped up and gave my account of the day including my observation that no one was carrying the denim brief case style book bags (which was super awesome in 1st grade). All the girls were carrying book tote bags and may I please have one.

To say money was tight in those days would be an understatement. My mom chose to stay at home and my dad worked constantly to provide for us. In my mom’s gentle way she reminded me that there wasn’t extra money to provide the latest and greatest right now.

I will be honest, I was disappointed like any third grader would be but I did understand. No more would be said that evening. We continued on with our routine and finally gave our hugs and kisses goodnight.

The morning light peaked through the shades and it was time to start another day.  As I stretched out and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I noticed something at the foot of my bed…

A red and white gingham tote bag lay on top of the covers. I picked up the bag with all the care of a precious jewel.

I could not believe my eyes, yet I held the gift in my hands.

I sprang up out of bed and went to search for my mother. My search ended quickly in the kitchen where she was making breakfast. I threw my arms around her and asked how?

My mom smiled the sweetest smile and said, “Well, I had some fabric and I stayed up and made it for you.”

“I love it!” I proclaimed. I ran back to my room and quickly got ready making sure I transferred all the school supplies to my beautiful tote bag.

I remember walking up the steps of the school so very proud, so very thankful.

It was my first memory of my mom making the impossible possible. She figured out how to give me something that I wanted. She sacrificed her time and her sleep to create just for me.

Overtime the book bag wore out and lost its usefulness but the heart and love that went into its creation will always be with me and it has affected the way I love and give.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who sacrifice and give.

Here’s to you who make the impossible possible. It doesn’t go unnoticed, your love does mold and shape little hearts and minds.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet, strong, beautiful, kind, and Godly momma,  you are the most amazing woman I have or will ever know. I love you and I am grateful that God gave you to me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet sweet story. It is a friendly reminder of the love and grace moms shower on their little ones everyday regardless of the situation. What a blessing!

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