How To Organize Your Hostess Closet


It’s time to organize your hostess closet, but how? Here are a few ideas to help you make the most out of your hosting needs.

So, I guess the first question would be… “Do you have a host/hostess closet?” The second question would be… “Do you want one?” Third question would be… “If you have a host/hostess closet, is it organized for easy table setting?”

I love having one place that holds my table setting pretties, actually, I’m in the middle of reorganizing and replacing worn-out items. I usually keep the majority of my dinner party lovelies in a small closet near the front entrance of our home. It was slated as a linen closet so, the shelves are great but I’ve got some ideas to make it better. Of course, I will share them in this post but for now, let’s talk about organizing your hostess closet.

winter table setting showing what could be organize hostess closet

What do you have in your host/hostess closet?

Answer? It’s a simple one. Anything that helps you design a gorgeous dining table.

We are talking about:

  • plate chargers
  • assortment of candles
  • assortment of candle holders
  • napkins – seasonal and everyday
  • napkin rings
  • table cloths
  • table runners
  • greenery
  • lanterns
  • ribbon
  • place cards
  • wax dots for secure tapers
  • floral foam
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • stem pruners
  • thorn/leaf strippers
  • assortment of flower vases
  • buffet labels

Now that we have a basic list for the host/hostess closet, let’s organize it!

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Plate Chargers-

Plate charges can be easily stacked on a shelf or dropped in a pretty storage box. If you have more than 1 set, store them in separate boxes with labels.

Candles –

For tapers, long narrow containers work great. The Container store has a great one.

container store storage option for candlestick
Source: The Container Store

Pillar candles can be stored in a container like these.

Candle holders –

I love beverage glasses and coffee cup storage containers to store candle holders.

Napkins and Napkins Rings –

I don’t know about you but my napkin and napkin ring collection grows when the door closes. HA! Over the years I have accumulated quite a few cloth and cute paper beverage napkins. These can be stored by color or by season.

Tablecloths and Runners-

I found one of the best ways to store linens and it’s simple. Just hang them. I use the narrow velvet hangers for smaller table cloths and larger wire hangers with foam pipe insulation to help keep the deep creases from setting in.

Place cards and holders-

I love these stackable slide-out drawers and they are perfect for many items including place cards and place card holders.

Floral supplies –

I am a big fan of slide-out drawer storage so why not continue this trend for floral supplies. I used to keep floral supplies in my crafting area but one day, I had an “Ah-ha” kind of moment and decided to tuck them into the host/hostess closet. So much easier to create beautiful arrangements.

Miscellaneous –

We are down to the small stuff and the stuff that can be a little rogue, like wax dots. This organizer is great for all the extras. These are so perfect for grab-and-go and for easy quick reorganizing.

I hope this post inspires you to either create your own host/hostess closet or gives you ideas to organize!

Until later, keep creating home, my friends!

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