Easy DIY Rug Bolster Pillow in 3 Steps

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Beautiful rug bolster pillows can get pricey but today I’m going to show you how to make one yourself. Just follow this easy DIY rug bolster pillow tutorial!


Hello friends! A few months ago I participated in a really fun challenge. I made over and updated a bedroom for under $100. One of my favorite projects turned out to be one of the simplest and cheapest. Today, I wanted to share with you my easy DIY rug bolster pillow tutorial. It is really a piece of cake to do and will only take an afternoon.


Easy DIY Rug Bolster Pillow

DIY Rug Bolster Pillow 



  • Rug
  • Bolster pillow insert  2 inches bigger than the rug size (I used three 16×16 pillows that were laying around not being productive.)
  • Upholstery thread
  • Upholstery Needle


Step 1:

Fold the rug in half lengthwise. Begin sewing the shorter sides together with your needle and thread. You can use a blanket stitch or overcast stitch 

Step 2:

Begin sewing the long opening. Stitch 1/3 of the length on the right side then stitch 1/3 of the length on the left side. Leaving the middle open to be filled.

Step 3:

Time to stuff and sew it up! I chose to use small pillows that were laying around.  You can use basic stuffing or rolled up quilting batting.

Use the same stitch to finish your new pillow.  That’s it… done! Finito! Add it to your sofa or bed and enjoy your handiwork.


I was at World Market last weekend and found a few really fun rug that would make fabulous bolsters. Rag rugs are great for this type of project – simple, cotton pliable rugs are best.

You can dress the bed with the bolster as the star or tuck it in amongst the hundred you may already have. Who doesn’t love a good pillow!


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